our History
Our company started 15 years ago as a supplier for most of the Egyptian Herbs exporters. Since 2000, we have started to export our products to European countries. In few months we made a strong base in Europe and then we started to export our products worldwide.

We have our factory and our own farms so we can completely control our products and for traceability; and for this reason we have been rapidly certified for ISO 22000.


our Company
Our company follows hygiene and sanitation procedures as well as quality assurance system, to assure the minimum acceptable account in the bacteria without any pathogenicity. Active microbe test analysis is carried to verify the results.

Our company Certified by: ECOA in accordance with EEC Regulations NOP Certificate ISO22000 Certificate Also our company has FDA registration number  


our Farms
We own 15 organic certified farms. We process full organic, pesticide free and conventionally certified herbs. Our farms are constantly updated to run with the latest local and international standards. We are regularly inspected to ensure the highest possible purity standards.

Our Farms Certified by: ECOA Certificate / NOP Certificate

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